Life’s not easy. But, it can be fun.

Join 100+ Octolytes as they level up to win at work and life with The Way of The Octopus.
What is The Way of The Octopus?

The Way of The Octopus is a way for you to level up and win at work and life.

Why is this important?

The world as we know it is changing, and we need to develop new traits to survive and succeed in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) future.

The Way of The Octopus uses challenges, games, interactive stories, courses, video and podcasts to help you gain the necessary skills and evolve into a High Human – someone who is fluid, flexible and responsive to the changing environment we operate in – just like Ocky The Octopus, our mascot.

Who is a high human?

A High Human, in our book, is someone who has the necessary traits to survive in the world we’re building. The Eight Core Traits of The High Human are Creativity, Communication, Community, Craft, Command, Charisma, Courage and Change.

While it’s true that everyone has each of these skills to some degree, a High Human has invested time and effort into building these skills and honing them through our methods.

How can I get started?

This is we recommend you progress with The Way of The Octopus:

  1. Become an Octolyte by joining our email list and do the free challenges.
  2. Join The Order of The Octopus – a invite only Facebook group where all Octolytes converge.
  3. Share their experiences of the free challenges.
  4. Shape the story of the world – Nous Moyna – where all the stories, games, events and challenges in The Way of The Octopus are based.
  5. Read our blog, daily emails and listen to our podcasts.

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